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Product Description Advantages Application
Gold foil paper
Silver foil paper
Al-foil is glued onto the base paper
(such as ccp, iv, art) and with the special ink.
Can be presented in various colors
A luxurious wrapping paper
with excellent quality,
water resistance, moisture resistance,
and light resistance
Cosmetics, Health foods, Alcoholic
beverages, Pharmaceuticals, etc.
Gold plated paper
Silver plated paper
PET deposited film is adhered
on the surface of CCP, IV, SC, ART etc.
and coated with special ink.
Can be presented in various colors
Excellent printing .effect, waterproof,
moisture-proof, light-resistant,
Features high gloss,
pressure on the paper surface,
gold and silver is available
Cosmetics, Health foods, Alcoholic
beverages, Pharmaceuticals, etc.
Pearl paper Special ink with pearls applied to
the surface of the base paper
(such as ccp, bv, art).
Two-tone pearl is available,
pearl amounts are adjustable
Softly diffused light reflecting from
the paper emphasizes printing effects
Cosmetics, Fancy products, Catalogues,
Information leaflets, High-quality goods
PET plating film is applied to
the base paper(such as CCP,IV,SV,ART)
then coated with special inks
Excellent printing effects and
regular three dimensional pattern
lends brilliance to the product.
Cosmetics, Golfing equipment,
toothpaste and household item,
and high-quality boxes.
hair-lined paper
Specialized paper with fine lines (hair-lines)
on gold foil and silver foil surfaces.
High-quality paper with
outstanding printing
effects and classy patterns.
Embossed paper on gold , silver,
and pearl surfaces.
Cosmetics, pharmaceuticals,
health foods,and high-quality boxes.

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